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True Effects™

3DnE 2020 Video

Hemp Retail Merchandise


2020-2021 offered Strains

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What we do


We offer 6 Strains, grown outdoors, that are hang dried and cured slowly to keep intact a very strong terpine profile. Since we are a 100% smokeable flower farm we focus on producing only the highest quality of flower with the tightest trim. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our communication with our new and existing customers. 

Starting this year, 3DnE is now offering a bucking and trimming service. We have two Mobius M108 Trimmers on site run by our experienced team. The Mobius can trim up to 200 lbs per day, while achieving a hand trim look and feel. It's by far, the best trimmer in the world. 

CBD  'A' Trim

Our CBD trim comes from our highest quality 'A' flower, yeilding the highest levels of CBD percentage and terpene profiles. Our trim is a great alternative for extraction flower and pre-rolls.

Who We Are


Now based in Southern Oregon, our roots were first planted in the wine industry where we fell in love with the process and detail that went into each bottle of wine. Soon after, we became aware of the effects and rising demand for CBD. Obsession with cultivating CBD and learning about all of the plants amazing properties fueled our growth and passion. 


Our goal is to work with CBD brands that don’t cut corners when trying to build their brand with organic, high yielding CBD hemp with True Effects - that’s what drove us to relentlessly pursue optimum yielding harvests by hand and not with machines. Unfortunately there is currently a lot of fluff in CBD Packaging and brands - the market demands high quality products that they can trust!


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We look forward to working with you!

Tommy Brockmeyer

Media Manager

Photography, videography, merchandise, brand and media management. Tommy captures the passion at 3DnE for all to experience.

Danny Angelucci


Born and raised in San Diego, Danny left behind SDSU to pursue the wine industry. That industry became a stepping stone to CBD. He's taken his skills in marketing and optimization and applied it to the scale of the CBD industry


Eddie Smith


From San Diego to Oregon, Eddie also started in the wine industry only to translate his expertise in cultivation and manufacturing into the CBD space.


Tanner Ford

Lead Foreman

Tanner manages the crews at 3DnE and helps provide efficiency with the greatest detail. He has embraced the CBD industry fully and his curiosity for what this plant could be is a driving force for him.